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September 7, 2009
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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Puppy: Nine!
Ikuto: *claps*
Amu: Hmph!
Puppy: You’re just mad about being Ikuto’s slave~
Amu: Of course! How would you feel if you were his slave?
Puppy: If I was his slave….*blush* *day dreams* ~~~~~
Amu: Eh….Maybe you were the wrong person to ask…..
Puppy: *shining eyes* He he~ *smirk*
Ikuto: Are you thinking of something good to write?
Puppy: Oh yeah! (sort of)
Amu: Oh no!
Puppy: I don’t own Shugo Chara or Shugo Chara Doki! Or the characters; except I do own the red haired girl, Hikari. Story sta-
Amu: Can I say something first!?
Puppy: *sigh* What?
Amu: Please don’t make Ikuto do anything perverted, miss author. *sparkly eyes*
Puppy: Ugh. Don’t give me those eyes…….W-Well…
Ikuto: No! Think of the story’s fans!
Puppy: *snaps out of sparkly trance* You’re right! Sorry, Amu.
Amu: No-!
Puppy: Story start!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Normal P.O.V.
The whole class was exchanging excited whispers about the pool as they walked. Finally they reached the pool room. They practically broke down the doors on their way in, though. When Amu walked in she was surprised; there was a big pool in the center of the room, glass windows surrounding it, two changing rooms and pool toys in the corner.
“Alright!” Yaya yelled, pulling Amu inside the room.
“Ya-” She tried to say.
“Time to change!” Yaya said, dragging her and Rima into the girls changing room. It was a lot bigger from the inside. It was not only a changing room, but had bathroom stalls and several showers. Yaya pulled out her swimsuit and started changing. Rima and Amu looked hesitant, but started to change any way. After they had changed they went out to the pool room. Everyone except Amu. She just stared at herself in the full length mirror. The bikini turned out to be very revealing.
“Come on, Amu-chi!” Yaya called.
“O…Ok!” She called back. She quickly looked around for something that could cover her short bikini. A shirt, skirt, anything that might help. But she couldn’t find a single thing. Her stomach went in small knots as she slowly walked over to the door. She hesitantly grabbed the handle and twisted it. It’s ok. She told herself. It’s not like anyone will notice what you’re wearing. With all her courage, she opened up the door and walked into the room. Instantly she knew she was wrong. Nobody would notice? No, everyone noticed. Who wouldn’t? The last person to come out of the dressing room; and to be in a revealing bikini. Basically it was a flashing ‘look at me’ sign. Amu nervously closed the door behind her. I can do this…. I’m the ‘Cool n’ Spicy’ Hinamori Amu. She walked past all the people staring at her and took a seat beside Rima. She closed her eyes in hope when she opened them no one would still be staring. Vain hope. When she opened her eyes it was still the same. She was started to get tired of this already. “Quit staring, you stupid kids!” She said coldly.
Instantly eyes were focused somewhere, anywhere, other than at her. She smirked. Too easy. But she still felt a pair of eyes on her. She turned around and saw Ikuto staring at her. She blushed and tried to cover herself. Finally Ikuto smirked and came over to her. “Interesting choice of swimwear.” He said.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked coolly.
“I think you know what it means.”
Her cool character crumbled as the blush on her cheeks grew. She stood up and looked at Ikuto. “Would you please not make any comments on my clothing?!”
“You’ve grown.” He said.
“What?” She asked, a little taken back.
“You’ve grown.” He said again.
“Oh. Yaya and Rima said that too. They said I’m taller, but I can’t tell.”
“I wasn’t talking about your height.” He smirked looking down at her bikini chest.
As soon as she understood what he meant her face went red. “P-Pervert!!”
He just chuckled. “So are going to swim?”
“I-I don’t know.” She said, crossing her arms over her chest.
“You should.”
“Why?” She asked, walking over to the pool’s edge.
“Because it’s your first command.” He said pushing on her back. She yelped and fell into the pool.
“I-IKUTO…sensei… Why did you do that!?” She coughed, surfacing from the water.
One look at her and he burst out laughing.
“Why you-!!” She grabbed his arm and pulled him in too. He tried to get his balance but ended up falling with Amu. He shot up from the water. “What the-!? Hey!”
This time it was Amu’s turn to laugh. “Y-You look like a wet cat!”
He rolled his eyes and brushed his soggy bangs out of his eyes. “I am a cat.”
Yoru watched them from behind a small plant. He was waiting for the perfect moment to have some fun.
Amu finally calmed down from her laughing fit, when the red haired girl, ‘Hikari’, walked over to her.
“Hinamori Amu! I challenge you to a pool game!” She announced, pointing accusingly at Amu.
She rolled her eyes and was about to decline when Ikuto asked, “What game?”
Hikari turned to Ikuto and her hard eyes soften. “Oh~ It’s a game where there are two teams. One person sits on the other’s shoulders and tires to push their opponent off the other person’s shoulders. Would you like to play?”
Ikuto instantly smirked. He’d been waiting for this.
“N-!!” Amu wanted to say, but was cut off by a,
“Sure me and Amu, against you and your partner.”
Hikari turned to glare at Amu but agreed. Her glared was pure jealousy and hatred. Amu shivered, she really didn’t want to do this.
“I-Ikuto-sensei! Why did you say we’d play?!” She whined.
“Because it’s command number two.” He smirked.
She rolled her eyes and floated in the water for a minute.
“Ok! This is my partner, Saaya.” Hikari announced. ‘Saaya’? Amu thought. I’ve heard that name somewhere before. She opened her eyes and saw none other than the curly haired brown/red head herself. Saaya, the person was always against Amu. Her rival and enemy. She instantly sat up and returned Saaya’s glare.
“Are you ready, girls?” Ikuto asked, smiling.
Saaya turned away from Amu and smiled at Ikuto. “Yes, Tsukiyomi-sama!”
She felt another jerk at her heart, like she had before when other girls talked to Ikuto.
“Then let’s start.” He said, taking Amu and lifting her up on his shoulders. She yelped slightly, but soon balanced out. Saaya and Hikari both got in the water and Saaya sat on Hikari’s shoulders.
“Rules of the game:” Hikari said. “No kicking, punching or biting. Anything else is allowed!”
Anything? Amu felt her stomach twist with nervousness.
“And to make it more interesting, if we win we can spend the rest of our field trip with Tsukiyomi-sama!!” Saaya cheered.
“Ok.” Ikuto smirked. “But if we win you have to promise to avoid me, for the rest of the field trip.”
“Eh~!? That’s not fair!” Hikari pouted.
“Please?” Ikuto asked, giving the irresistible kitten face. Both girls nodded so fast it looked like the necks might brake. “Ok then, let’s start!”
Instantly the friendly smiled the red heads wore turned into sneers.
“Amu, third command,” Ikuto whispered. “Win.”
She swallowed hard, but nodded. She never liked Saaya anyway; and now was the perfect chance to get even with her and Hikari.
“Ready, GO!”
Hikari instantly charged at them. Amu braced herself as Saaya crashed into her. Saaya started scratching at her. Scratching, clawing; like an animal would do! Apparently she wasn’t interesting in playing a nice, clean game.
Hikari shifted, unbalanced, under Saaya; causing them to almost fall. From what Amu could tell, Hikari wasn’t that strong, but Ikuto wasn’t having any trouble holding her up. She took this chance to shove Saaya backwards. Hikari faltered and started falling back. She quickly pulled herself forward causing Saaya to run into Amu. “Ow!” She said, as Saaya’s head hit her shoulder.
As Amu clutched her shoulder Saaya started to push her backwards. She quickly forgot about her pain and grabbed Saaya’s shoulders. By now they were both pushing, shoving, pulling and willing each other to fall. They would do whatever to win. Saaya grabbed at Amu’s hair and pulled it. She yelped and retch for Saaya’s. They were both pulling each other’s hair and shoving each other. With all her strength Amu pushed Saaya back. Her arms failing her as she started to fall and Hikari started to crumble under her partner’s weight. Saaya retch for something that could help her balance. She grabbed Amu’s shoulder and tried to pull her down. Amu leaned back to avoid falling forward, but started to fall backwards. Saaya fell forward, still trying to hold Amu’s shoulder, but ended up in the water; with Amu’s bikini top. Amu blushed a bright scarlet and tried to cover her chest as she fell. Her back hit the water sooner than she would have thought. She rushed to the surface and took deep breathes. “Give me my top!” She screamed.
By now everybody was staring at her, again. But it was a lot worse. Some of the boys were actually drooling and the girls too shocked to do anything. “Here.” Ikuto said, holding out her top to her, while looking away. She blushed, and grabbed it. Amu took a breath and plunged herself under the water to fix her top, so nobody would see her. When she came back up eyes were still on her. “What are you perverts staring at!?” She yelled.
They quickly looked away, and wiped the drool from their mouths. Amu huffed and got out of the water. This was the worst day of the trip. She stormed over to a seat and sat down. “You ok, Amu?”
She turned and saw Rima looking at her worriedly. Her face softened. “Yeah, I’m fine.”
Rima didn’t look like she believed her, but didn’t ask anything more. Soon Ikuto came and sat beside her.
“What? Are you going to stare and drool at me too?!” She snapped.
He just smirked, but didn’t say anything.
Still no response.
“If you don’t say what you’re thinking, I’ll assume it’s worse than it is.” She threatened.
“Of course you will, perverted kid.” He laughed.
“I-I’m not a pervert!! You’re the pervert!!!”
“How am I the pervert here?”
“Y-You…. You just are.” She crossed her arms defiantly.
He sighed, his eyes sparkling. “Well, we won.”
“Oh yeah, we did.” She said, remembering the outcome. “That’s….good.”
“Just ’good’?”
She stretched and laid back in her chair. Even if she wasn’t out in the sun, the big window allowed it to travel in there. The sun was warm on her body and the sound of splashing and voices seemed surprisingly calming. She laid there a few minutes before being splashed by something very cold. She screamed and her eyes flew open. There was Ikuto a foot away from her by the pool with water on his outstretched hand. “You-!!!!”
He chuckled and splashed her again.
“Pfffh! Quit it!” She said, trying to shield herself from the water.
“Make me. And that’s an order.” He smirked.
Amu growled and ran over to the pool. Even if she wasn’t going to admit it to herself, she knew deep down that she enjoying splashing in the water with Ikuto. That acting like a little kid here was fun. That being her self was fun. That being with Ikuto wasn’t as bad as she thought.
After three hours at the pool the class had to leave, because the senior citizens had booked the pool for aerobic exercises. And no one wanted to stay for that. So they went back to their rooms to shower.
Of course with three girls sharing a room with one guy, there are bound to be problems. Like, ‘who will shower first?’
“No!” Amu yelled. “We were here first, so we should get to shower first!”
“So? If you three go first you’ll use up all the water.” Ikuto replied.
“If you go first you’ll use it up and we won’t get any hot water!”
“Not my fault.”
“It will be if you don’t do anything about it.”
Rima and Yaya watched as their friend and teacher argued. All they knew was the longer they were fighting the wetter the floor they were standing on got. They hadn’t dried off well at the pool, so the carpet wasn’t fairing too well.
“We take turns.” He said.
“Who goes first?!” She asked.
He shrugged.
“Very helpful, Ikuto-sensei!” Amu scoffed.
“Amu-chi, hurry!” Yaya said. By now there was a pool of water down by their feet.
“Isn’t there any other place to shower?” Rima asked.
“The bathroom down the hall, unless someone’s using it. There’s also a shower room downstairs.” He said.
“Then Yaya and Rima-tan will use this one, Amu-chi and Tsukiyomi-chi use the other one!” Yaya declared, dragging Rima into their room.
“I guess we’re not using this one then.” Amu said. “Let’s try….”
She looked over at the bathroom down the hall. It was hard to miss. There was a long line of students standing in front of it wanting to shower. “And we’re not using that one either.”
“Then let’s go to the one downstairs.” Ikuto said, walking away. Amu hastily followed him until they came upon a room labeled ‘Shower Room’.
But what it didn’t say was if it was a male or female shower room.
“Well, are you just going to stand there or go in?” He asked.
Amu pulled her eyes away from the door and said, “Wh-What if someone’s in there!? I can’t just walk in on them!”
“Well the longer you stay out here the wetter the floor gets. And you probably don’t want the manager to come here and get mad at you.”
Amu swallowed and looked at the door again. After a minute of solid staring, Ikuto rolled his eyes and opened the door for her. Amu gasped and shut her eyes in fear of seeing someone….using the shower.
“No one’s here.” He said.
She peeked one eye open and discovered he was right. There was no one there. No open lockers, no clothes thrown around the room and no puddles of water on the floor like normal, used, shower rooms had. She slowly walked in after Ikuto looked around. It was pretty big inside. There were rows of dark blue lockers for people to store their clothes while showering, benches to sit on and two doors. The reason the other door wasn’t label ‘male’ or ‘female’ was because the doors inside were labeled. The one on the left ‘Women’ and the right ‘Men’.
She clutched her clothes and grabbed the door handle to the left door and opened it. Inside was a big area, very much like a hot spring, with a huge bathtub in the middle of it. She watched Ikuto walk in the right room and she walked in the left room. There were no windows, but overhead lights, thankfully. She set her, now wet, clothes down and took off her bikini. She turned on the water and slowly got in the bathtub. Even if she was going to take a shower it would be a waste to not use the big tub. She relaxed as the water calmed her and almost feel asleep. But was awoken by a loud ‘boom’. She quickly sat up and looked around.
She then realized it was coming from outside the hotel. Then she heard pounding as rain hit the outer wall. She decided she was clean enough and got out of the bathtub and changed into her clothes, that had managed to dry after her long bath. They were a short sleeve pink shirt with ‘Tuned Out’ written in black letters, a dark pink skirt, black thigh socks and tennis shoes.
Amu opened the door and walked back into the main room. There was the sound of water running from the room Ikuto was in, so apparently he wasn’t done yet. She decided to go back to the room first without him and went over to the door they had come through. But it wouldn’t move.
She twisted the knob again. The door was stuck. She pulled on the knob and tried to open it, but it didn’t budge.
She stepped away from the door and looked around for anything that might be able to help her. Suddenly she heard a noise and turned to see Ikuto coming out of his room.
“Yoru!” He scolded. “Why were you following me?”
“I was…..” He struggled for words. “Oh look, it’s Amu! ~nya”
Ikuto looked over at her and walked over to the door. “Are you just going to stand there or go back to our room?”
“I can’t.” She said.
“Did you want to wait for me?” He smirked.
“N-No! T-The door! It’s…..” She trailed off as he tried to open the door.
“Stuck.” He finished for her.
“Yeah.” She mumbled.
Suddenly there was a clap of thunder and the lights went out.
“The power’s out.” Ikuto said.
She could barely see three feet in front of her, but three things stood out in her mind. One, she was trapped in the room. Two, there were no lights. And three, she was trapped in a dark room with none other than the ‘neko mimi cosplay hentia otoko’.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Amu: No!!!!
Ikuto: Yes!
Puppy: *evil laugh* I’m so evil aren’t I?
Amu: meanie -_-
Ikuto: Thank you!
Puppy: You’re welcome! See you next chapter, peoples!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ok, it's late. I'm sorry :forgiveme: but my computer deleted about half a page when I was almost done. But it seems that it was a good thing after all :D I was able to make it better than before! I was able to add the rain, power outage and Yoru!
I got the rain idea because earlier it was starting to rain, so I just thought it would be fun to add a rain part into it.
Hope you liked it!
But sadly it was only about 5 pages (4 1/2)
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